The Depths of the Internet

I always thought I was a fairly capable user of the internet until I started this class.  Then I realized I don’t understand what “hashtags” are or how they work. I didn’t have the first clue about how to make a blog, connect different sites, or why I would want to do any of this.  So what exactly do I DO on the internet?   Honestly, I think I primarily use it to watch TV. Is that sad? That seems a little sad.  But it’s true.  Otherwise, I use it to occasionally catch up on some webcomics or vloggers (I am terrible at staying current with these, I guess I just don’t have enough interest to come back every day) for instance, Hannah Hart in MyDrunkKitchen, Grace Helbig, and Dinocomics. But that is definitely not my regular use.  Regular use is basically Facebook, email, TV, and Tickld (just another internet site of funny compilations).    Just for this class I have added about 5 new bookmarks including Twitter and this blog. So I guess I am already expanding!  The one thing that I think will help me explore the internet’s greater depths is Stumbleupon, which is a great way to find new articles and blogs focused on my interests. Hopefully it will help me find some inspiration for this blog!



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