Nothing to Hide Here!

I must admit it’s a little strange to be showing my browser history to the world wide web, but I’m sure no one actually cares much about it. And I promise there’s nothing incriminating about it.  In fact, it is terribly boring. ImageImageImage

I actually don’t find this to be a particularly good representation of my process — mental or creative.  Though I do think it is an accurate description of my state as I was trying to complete these particular assignments.  Really I only go to like 4-5 different places, including my email, my blog, my twitter, and the UNIV website.  I think this just shows my frantic state of trying to understand just what is needed for this class and where to find it. I bounce back and forth and have at least 8 tabs open at a time. I’m not usually this…jittery(?) In my searches but yesterday had me pretty stressed out trying to figure this whole thing out.   In general I think I am pretty direct in my project completion. So my browser history throughout the day would be a lot more interesting than my browser history for one project.



  1. I completely agree with you. I usually love online classes but this class seems all over the place! I don’t think you’re alone, though, because all of us seemed a bit… jittery(?) 🙂

  2. Dear god I have no idea what is expected of me from this course yet. Thank goodness there are others that are sort of confused. I’ve been wandering so aimlessly and trying to wade through five-thousand websites and social media platforms and I’m still trying to synthesize everything without it just clogging up my internet browser and my mind. So far I’m in a fog. I still don’t know how to access some of the assignments (like the Dream prompt, where is that?). Oh well. I’m sure these anxieties will subside eventually. Hopefully.

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