The Depths of the Internet Part Two!

Looking back at my first post on this topic, where I lurk on the internet, it won’t be super easy to complete this properly.  I am supposed to explain to you all WHY I lurk where I lurk.  But I don’t think I do anything interesting enough on the internet to provoke an interesting explanation.  Like I said before, all I do is watch TV, a couple vlogs or sites, and occasionally stumble.   But I will do my best to consider these in a semi-interesting fashion.

Why do I watch so much TV on the internet?
Well one because I don’t watch it on the actual television.  No one likes commercials and it’s too inconvenient to be on the right channel at the right time.  But I guess the proper question is why do I watch so much TV? I’ve always been a bit of an addict. I just love stories so books and TV are my escape. The events in a story are so much more engaging than real life and I love the connection to characters.  Furthermore, it’s a great way to bond between friends.  Back when HIMYM was on the air it was a regular activity to discuss the events of the episode.  My sister and I still have a weekly conversation based entirely on Orphan Black.  It’s just a pleasant way to spend my downtime.

What Vlogs and Sites and Why?
I mentioned Hannah Hart, who is internet-famous for her drunken kitchen shenanigans, on my last Depth post.  Frankly I just find her charming and enjoyable to watch.  She is a person I would love to be friends with and devoting 8 minutes of my life to her show once a week is hardly a commitment for me.  Otherwise I spend a bit of downtime on Tickld, which is basically just another funny internet compilation site, but it’s MY funny internet compilation site.  It’s nice because it is both entertaining and a good community.  Once you’re there long enough you begin to notice long-running inside jokes and it’s nice to have that.

How Does One Stumble on the Interwebs?
Stumbleupon, my dear! The underdog of the media sites! I think most people use pinterest(?) these days? I don’t really know what it is but when I say I like stumbleupon people always ask me “Why don’t you just use pinterest?!” But I love stumbleupon because it takes me to my interests and only my interests.  I can skip through or intensely peruse as much as I wish, and it only gets smarter as I go! I’ve found countless recipes and sewing patterns through my stumbling.


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  1. I absolutely adore Stumbleupon, it is a very intelligent and effective consumer of my time. I agree with what you’re saying in this post, which is that you (and myself, and everyone) congregates to where we end up on the internet because it’s what we enjoy. There really is just so much available in the internet, you can simply find things you like and others that like them and not waste your time with the things that you frankly don’t care about.

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