The Groupthink Begins

Unfortunately our Groupthink Wiki isn’t as full as I think anyone would like at this point.  However, Game of Thrones is over and therefore it is time to finish up this assignment.

I haven’t seen any classmates with similar projects yet, which makes sense because I don’t think anyone actually has their project concept yet. I am, however, seeing a fair amount of personalization websites such as Pinterest and Pandora.  To me that speaks a lot about the unification of an individual. Thousands of people are on these sites at the same time, doing the same thing, yet the specifics are geared towards the individual.  I think those projects will go very well together but I don’t think I have a place in it.  

I am very taken with the idea of the freedom of research.  What I mean by that (at least at this moment what I mean) is that we should spend our time on the internet enjoying and learning.  I personally don’t want to sit through another Bush essay (of course I will and I will do my best to learn something from it) when I could be snooping around the internet for new tactics on time stamping a dead body or something. (sorry for the morbidity; forensic student).  My point is, we should all be happy and excited to do research because it should be about something that fascinates us.  From this I would like to take my game of Wikipedia Wars and turn it into a sort of mental trampoline from one topic to another. So I wouldn’t necessarily use Wikipedia as a reputable and factual source, but sort of as my own Pinterest site that inspires research to interest me.  How this will fit into my final project, I have no idea. But it’s a start!


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