The Interpretation of Dreams

I am going to write this post under the assumption that readers will have first read Texting My Dreams. Frankly if only for the reason that I don’t want to go back and summarize these pages.  But basically I was tasked to get from the Wikipedia entry of Mary Toft (famous for pretending to give birth to bunnies) to the entry for Alchemy by only clicking on hyperlinks in the article. I got there in just a few steps Toft>Urine>Mercury>Alchemy (okay I guess I am resummarizing anyways).  So why are these pages particularly interesting? They aren’t. Well, they are, but maybe not more than other pages would be. Why is this interesting as a whole? Because without the use of Wikipedia, if I tasked you to explain how Mary Toft relates to Alchemy (assuming you knew who she was) you would probably have a hard time of it.  They are seemingly unrelated.  However, through some skillful research and foresight it’s easy to connect the dots.

Until I learn what form this final project will really take so I can tailor this topic to it, I am going to pursue the topic of connecting ideas through Wikipedia.  Through word association and skillful guessing (through prior knowledge and guessing I assumed that urine would take me to alchemy faster than, say, placenta or Voltaire) I was able to connect ideas in a way I never could have done alone. So this is what really fascinates me and what I hope I can convince  you is fascinating.    One thing that I particularly noticed is that for nearly every Concept Experience I read, the student started their search on Wikipedia. I think that is very interesting and worth exploring.
As for my original nugget, I actually really enjoyed stemming off from the text into the Turing Test.  I have been fascinated with the concept since my sister first explained it to me.  However, if I were to try again I would maybe try to pull more from the text and tie back to it rather than take one specific concept and run away with it.  But I enjoyed it so…meh.



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