A Comparison of Experiences

I think we all interpreted this assignment a little differently because I’m finding more contrast than compare in these experiences.  Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

I always enjoy reading Jamie’s writing and often find myself connected or enthralled by it. This post was no exception as she walked me through Western and Non-Western views towards suicide.  However, (and I think she realizes this now) it was totally off base to what I thought this assignment was. I think she took a concept from the week’s Nugget and dug into that, which I find very fascinating. Frankly I’m a little envious of her ability to dig so deep into a post and pull something out that genuinely interests you.  It is clear she expanded her research scope far, pulling examples from both Disney and Japanese films. 


In Just An Average Guy’s post he starts with the fascinating and relevant topic of Hackers, particularly the group Anonymous, and ends up in a Wikipedia post for deregulation. I enjoyed this experience mainly for two reasons: One, because there was a really good, sensible, but non-obvious flow from one topic to another. Two, because the entire stream happened through Wikipedia! People are playing this game I talk about without even realizing it! Commenters of the post even mentioned how amusing and interesting it was to have gotten from the start topic to end.  I just find it astounding how effective but unobserved this method of research is.  Just a little bit of probing can take you far.


The concept experience on Elephant Flower was very interesting to me but I think quite different from my own experience. I think the topic was a very intelligent decision because it is specific enough (unlike mine, oops) to get some real answers, but still interesting and far-fetched enough to not get immediately tiresome.  I would have liked to see a sort of stream of consciousness on the research so I could really understand the thought process though.


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  1. This second CE had a bit of divergence among sections; week 3 had even more (as you’ve no doubt already found). Not to worry though; the connectivity is the point, not standardization among sections.

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