Dreamers (re)Unite!

So I realized that I did my last two out of order and I was worried that no one would scroll down and think I didn’t do this portion of the project so I’m just gonna repost it..

Alright, folks, time to get down to the nitty-gritty.  (can I just take a moment though to appreciate my computer’s spell check suggestions? Which do y’all prefer: “bitty-gritty”, “titty-gritty”, or “ditty-gritty”? all of which are apparently more valid than nitty.)


Anyways, back to work. It looks like my study is pushing towards the direction of discussing the validity or lack thereof in Wikipedia. Or possibly Wikipedia as a platform of research, which I have discussed at length in past posts. I would like to open this topic up to you by starting with a TEDTalk about how Wikipedia started, what its mission statement is, and how it actually works.  The founder discusses the apparent flaws of the site and how to be mindful of them, as well as how they are countered.

Now, why should you join me on this roller coaster of an adventure? Well, first of all it’d probably make your project a lot easier. As Dr. Coats said, share the load.  But why should you share with ME?  Because nearly every single one of you has cited Wikipedia in your preliminary research for your project.  Doubt me? Check out some of your fellow class mate’s Concept Experiences.  Students RELY on Wikipedia for primary research and, like it or not, it’s here to stay.  So, what I propose is we as students band together to explore what Wikipedia really can do for us in this digital age and bring this to the professors of the world.  That way we can come to them with research and a consensus on its validity (or lack thereof, as said before. I recognize that Wikipedia is not a creditable source in the citation of a research paper) in our lives.

How do I propose to do this? Well likely through the normal sort of research and persuasive essay.  If you ask how I’d LIKE to do this.. Well I was toying with the idea of turning my blog into a sort of open experience like Wikipedia.  What I mean for this is, I would open my blog up to the public, allow people to create and edit my posts while I moderate.  If I were to do this I would hope that my fellow students would respect the idea and keep vandalism to a minimum and instead try to create and interact with each other in a positive way.  However, I don’t expect this idea to come to fruition simply because I don’t trust you guys to be interested enough to participate. I mean let’s me honest, it’s hard enough to make us all post on our own blogs, I can hardly expect you guys to take time out of your day to participate in mine.  But if anyone thinks this might be an interesting experiment or beneficial to their own project I would love to hear from you and discuss how this might become realized. 
Otherwise, on a more simple note: Join me in my research because I think most of you could easily link your research to mine.  I mean there is almost guaranteed to be a Wikipedia entry on your topic.  So why not! Join me!




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