Questing My Dream

Alright, let’s attempt this “friends forever” thing.  BFFs, anyone?

Jamie’s topic really intrigues me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a curious and morbid student of forensics, maybe it’s because I’m biased towards Jamie and think the sun shines out of her bum. (I know this is for a class but I’ve got to have fun with this, right?)

I’m not sure if our topics would have trouble joining forces; I think I would have to explore her topic a bit on my own first.  But it sounds like we are both interested in the general topic of a sort of alternative search engine that takes us to the bottom of the deep dark internet.  That could be fun.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but perhaps Mirna and I could find some common ground.  She is studying social media’s role in social and political movements, which is a very intriguing topic.  While Wikipedia isn’t a social media, it is a platform for this sort of information that is created by the same public that may be on these sites.

It looks like some people still need to get their posts up so I will come back later, hopefully with more possible cohorts.  Otherwise, it looks like everyone’s topics are either too broad or way too specific to easily squeeze mine in with their topic.  Ah well.


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