Obligatory Title

Okay, guys, work with me here.   I am on what is hopefully the tail end of a 72 hour headache, got off of work an hour and a half ago, and have been since working on my Diigo project.  Basically what I am trying to say is that I soooooo do not have it in me to complete the Panning for Nuggets assignment today. Lucky for me, it’s not due today! Unfortunately for me, I am going to hate myself later for not doing it yet.  Anyways, this is my obligatory blog post for the day since Dr. Coats says a daily post is expected.  In order to make this kosher in regards to the class, I am going to recap the directions I feel my project could take post-Diigo exploration.

Original/still favorite concept:  Wikipedia and other parts of the internet encourage research and the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge.   Articles that back this up? Not many.  Most articles I see just bash technology for rotting people’s brains.  However I would like to tie this in to the Existentialist Google article, or perhaps link to a few of Jamie’s articles about the Deep Web


Other topics I could probably more easily but less enthusiastically pursue:  activism through Wikipedia (I’ve seen a lot of articles on activism through social media)
Switch to anonymity on the web and incorporate Wikipedia’s anonymous editing. 
I could toy with a few more ideas but I am really set on encouraging knowledge. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of resources supporting this concept of mine.  If anyone has any suggestions I am super eager to hear them!

Anyways, Mariah out.  I need a nap. Or some advil.  Or to be knocked out for the next 3 weeks until this headache thing rides over.



  1. I just wanted to share a classic work about the Inquiry Process (and I will add to diigo links/tags) Six Stages in the Information Search Process (ISP) https://comminfo.rutgers.edu/~kuhlthau/information_search_process.htm These studies were among the first to investigate the affective aspects or the feelings of a person in the process of information seeking along with the cognitive and physical aspects.

    You have me thinking about how the systematic ISP approach to encouraging knowledge creation relates to participatory technologies such as ReadWriteWeb

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