Connecting the Dots

It appears to me that a lot of people are taking the same approach to this this assignment — pick one of your favorite well known websites — and asking similar questions regarding this website — Why do people like it? Are we getting addicted? Is it making us stupider/sadder?

I find this terribly interesting because it seems like people almost want to sabotage their relationship with said favorite website.  Is this Neo breaking out of his cocoon and seeing the Matrix for what it really is? I am very curious to know what inspired all of these questions, and even more curious to find out if the answers will alter their use in the researcher’s lives.

For instance, in Blues Cruise   the author questions the reason behind Facebook’s popularity, as well as its ongoing presence in our lives. I will be interested to see the research on this as well as what the author concludes.  As for how this relates to my project, I suppose I am more focused on the opening portion of the post about the barking cats.  Well not those cats in particular, but the benefit of internet distractions.

I am really intrigued by Imelda Jurasova’s   entire blog and way of interacting with the nuggets.  Imelda is able to link back research from Diigo to last week’s nugget in a small but insightful way, and is able to connect this research even further by describing it like a mosaic.  While our research topics are quite different I enjoy the methodical layout and clear direction in which it is going.

Author of the blog Elisey   views Diigo as a sort of road map to research and compares this adventure to a hike in Belle Isle.  As a huge fan of exploration and Belle Isle, I appreciate this analogy if only because it warms me to the idea of the research.  I will try and use Diigo more as the author suggests, by following trails made by other people and not just trying to hack my own.

In general, it seems that other people are finding much more use in camaraderie in Diigo than I have so far and I am determined to change this for myself.  I would like to be able to, for lack of a better term, piggy back off of other research and see in what directions other people are heading. If only for the sake of my curiosity, since my whole project is inspired by curiosity.  Unfortunately unfiltered curiosity and academic pursuits don’t seem to have as much presence together on the web as I would have thought.  In order to better apply my own research to others I am going to explore the tags other students are using and try to be more consistent with them so we can more easily share.

to tie this back into my nugget, I am focusing on the idea that we are all born with a set of tools to deal with the world. We are all born with an innate curiosity that can manifest in many ways.  Although the world around us changes and feels unpredictable we are able to adapt and make those changes beneficial to us because of this strong mix of curiosity and…maybe selfishness? Or just self preservation or satisfaction? We just want to better our lives and will work to do that, which is why technology is constantly being improved.







  1. I will make this clear in a blog post this weekend, but I’ve talked about research groups and tags, usually separately, but they can be as if one and the same. We can mingle our curiosities, even if only temporarily. Later we can also help each other draft our projects because of shared interests. But for now, lingering in the idea-generating stage is not a bad place to be at all.

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