Okay I’ll edit this as more things progress on the Twitterverse, but for now I’m gonna bookmark this space for the sake of good academic policy.

First off, I have (figuratively) licked Suzan Koseoglu to claim her as my own. (Sorry, is that weird? That’s a weird thing to say. No takebacks.) I was skeptical I’d be able to find an open participant whose thoughts and line of inquiry would so strongly resonate with my own, but lo and behold there is Suzan! Her blog post Layers of Openness was a scattered but fabulous rant about topics revolving around open education. I look forward to seeing what Suzan comes up with, and likely stealing (in a loving, collaborative way) her sources.


Dr. Coats also introduced me to Maryam, who is studying the use of social media in education. I must admit I am not a huge fan of social media and (this class aside) like to keep it separate from my academic life. That being said, I think a lot of our research could overlap and we could both create some really interesting lines of inquiry with each other.


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