The State of MY Union Address

My fellow Americans,

We gather here today in the vast internetspace not just to reflect on our past month here as a community, but to rejoice in the glow of only one more month! Let us begin by discussion the progression of the KahnQuest. The quest began with one noble young girl’s dream to bring her internet based time-wasting game to the forefront for all of her class to enjoy.  From there it developed into an academic pursuit, testing the waters of questioning credible sources, while also leading an investigation on the search for knowledge, what inspires it, and how to improve it.  America, what a ride it has been! For it was not the easiest pursuit. It has been a tumultuous uphill climb to find academic research on a source that some find so decidedly un-academic. But through the help of ERIC, Google Scholar, and Jason Coats, appropriate tags have been claimed and utilized for this endeavor.  As for the dreamers who have inspired so much conversation amongst us, I say…meh. I have found you useful and interesting when I have had to and I appreciate your role in this class, but I am super seriously tired of hashing open the same few paragraphs.  Ahem, carrying on. The nation of Kahntopia would like to thank Dr. Coats for both his help and counsel throughout these trying times, as well as the brief tour of his bookcase.  While it is a very odd thing to figure out the dynamics of Gchat with a professor you are meeting for the first time, it was a very valuable conference that left me feeling confident in my ability to squish all of the variations of my topic into one big superproject. I think through that conference I have gained some perspective on what to expect in the future, as well as some reassurance that I am not doing this all completely wrong. I look forward to seeing how we all progress as a group of nations.  Thank you, America, and goodnight.


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