The Wrath of Kahn

I’m still trying to figure out why this assignment is linked to me…

Diving in though! I’m going to use the same tags I used in my first curation in order to be able to link the two in the future.

In order to save room all original nuggets can be found by following the two links to my original panning for nuggets.  Nuggets 1-3, Nuggets 4 & 5

Tag 1: Knowledge

Nugget #1 demonstrates through an anecdote how knowledge itself may not be enough. It is how we apply this knowledge that really makes intelligence. The sort of scenario that is described in Nugget #1 is quite a common one, where someone is taught a fact but due to the lack of engagement no connections are made and the knowledge is lost in the grand scheme of the world. Nugget #2 addresses how a lack of interest and engagement will negatively affect one’s desire and ability to “engage in exploratory behavior”.  As Dr. Coats said to me, students these days are taught about gravity and Newton, but aren’t asked to analyze it beyond that.  To kids gravity is just an unquestioned fact. Because the students in Nugget #1 never questioned what they were told they are unable to make the connections necessary to truly understand.

Tag 2: Critical Thinking

Nugget #4 describes a Tulsa class that encourages students to do just this, to ask the questions “Why?” and “Who cares?”  These questions are more important than they might seem at face value, as they are important both for a writer to ask him or herself about their own research, as well as an academic in reference to a piece of research they are reading. If no one cares then why bother? And if it exists then why is it worth caring about? By asking these questions we can try to mediate between the writer and the reader and maybe bridge the gap between the two.  Research done by the authors of Nugget #5 shows that the students they polled are thinking more critically than one might expect regarding their resources.  It showed that the majority of students consulted course texts and databases as a first stage of research, and continued on to ask librarians and professors for guidance. This is a great path to analyzing research and thinking critically.  I am all for asking for help. Who says we have to do this all alone? The sharing of thoughts, ideas, and resources is how the world works and I think it will really get people to care more like the professors at Tulsa were encouraging.

Tag 3: Development

Nugget #3 is actually an analysis of another text, but the book as a whole is about the learning and development of Gifted and Talented (GT) program kids. As far as personal experience tells me, GT students usually get identified around 3rd grade through testing and teacher input. This is the perfect age when learning and development spikes, but students are not aware enough yet to know they are being tested or observed. One clue of a GT student is signs of boredom in normal-speed classes.  This article describes different reasons and displays of this boredom.  The key concept though is that they learn and develop at a faster pace than other students. They need to be engaged at a higher level in order to keep them interested in their learning.

Tag 4: Websurfing

None of these very well relate to websurfing because they are all geared more towards learning than the internet.  But all of these were found by websurfing! So how cool is that! Five unique sources all found by surfing either the same phrase, or adjusting that phrase based on the feedback of my surfing. Oh internet, you’re so cool.

I think all of these nuggets tie in very nicely to each other. All in all I think they demonstrate the importance not only of knowledge, but of interest, engagement, and application.

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