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WordPress forever! I have decided that for my final project I will create a new WordPress site (ughh but why can’t I just keep THIS one?!) if only for the reason that I feel like I only JUST figured out how to use it.  I honestly do not have the patience or the interest to try to figure out a new site for this one thing.  I have figured out the interface for WordPress and I like it well enough and I will call it my squishy and it shall be my squishy.

Now for the important bits!
My general outline as presented by the prompt:

1) It is generally understood that not every child is motivated to learn, and I think it is equally understood that perhaps we could do a little better to engage children on an individual basis.  Here I would like to talk about some research done on interest, learning, and motivation. Perhaps I will be able to pinpoint here what is necessary to inspire a thirst for knowledge so I can suggest how to create that in an applied environment.

2) I find it problematic that we just accept that some people “don’t like learning”.  I truly believe that everyone likes learning about something, we just have to find out WHAT. I would like to change this perception and encourage everyone to seek out the knowledge they love.

3) Here I will insert first anecdotal evidence of how knowledge does not = understanding, then further discuss the research on learning and motivation.  Perhaps then I can bridge the disconnect and bring in how technology can assist.

4)  My thesis is not quite developed here, but I think it will be along the lines of ‘we need to encourage and teach learning what you love and teach on a more engaging and dynamic level.’

5) Here I will insert my Wikipedia Wars to demonstrate the fluidity of knowledge, as well as my example of how we can engage students dynamically even when studying something as general as the Civil War.


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