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WordPress forever! I have decided that for my final project I will create a new WordPress site (ughh but why can’t I just keep THIS one?!) if only for the reason that I feel like I only JUST figured out how to use it.  I honestly do not have the patience or the interest to try to figure out a new site for this one thing.  I have figured out the interface for WordPress and I like it well enough and I will call it my squishy and it shall be my squishy.

Now for the important bits!
My general outline as presented by the prompt:

1) It is generally understood that not every child is motivated to learn, and I think it is equally understood that perhaps we could do a little better to engage children on an individual basis.  Here I would like to talk about some research done on interest, learning, and motivation. Perhaps I will be able to pinpoint here what is necessary to inspire a thirst for knowledge so I can suggest how to create that in an applied environment.

2) I find it problematic that we just accept that some people “don’t like learning”.  I truly believe that everyone likes learning about something, we just have to find out WHAT. I would like to change this perception and encourage everyone to seek out the knowledge they love.

3) Here I will insert first anecdotal evidence of how knowledge does not = understanding, then further discuss the research on learning and motivation.  Perhaps then I can bridge the disconnect and bring in how technology can assist.

4)  My thesis is not quite developed here, but I think it will be along the lines of ‘we need to encourage and teach learning what you love and teach on a more engaging and dynamic level.’

5) Here I will insert my Wikipedia Wars to demonstrate the fluidity of knowledge, as well as my example of how we can engage students dynamically even when studying something as general as the Civil War.

Project Prospectus

Time to be straight and to the point, for once in this class.

Rationale for study: There are many debates on whether internet usage is making us “smarter” or “dumber”. I want to circumvent this whole argument and simply view the internet as a tool for research. With extensive information on any topic imaginable, there is really no excuse for people to not find SOMETHING to be interested in or passionate about. It seems like the more we get information out to the masses, the easier it will be to engage people who otherwise wouldn’t know this information existed.

Preliminary Review of Research: I have had to weed through a lot of debates on whether the internet helps or hinders education. Conclusion: inconclusive. People seem to argue for whichever side they want to be true. However, this argument doesn’t really interest me; the internet is here to stay whether it makes people less focused/connected or not. I have found that interest is very closely related to ability to learn, which seems like common sense but it is basically the backbone of my project so it was nice to have it confirmed. Students that take a particular interest in a subject will be more willing to spend time and effort on said subject. All of this is kind of veering away from the whole Wikipedia thing because…well…who does academic research about Wikipedia??

Problem Diagnosis & Potential Thesis: If class projects can be opened up to encompass a broad range of topics all following a similar theme, students might be more readily engaged in the line of education. For instance, if a teacher is trying to lecture on..let’s say the Civil War, they could let every student pick a notable person or idea involved and research heavily on that. Then every student could pick something that they have a specific interest in and teach it to the rest of the class. The horse lover could research cavalry, the food lover could research meals and living conditions, and the sadist could research torture methods and battlefield wounds and medical procedures. I just think we shouldn’t be afraid to go off the beaten path when it comes to education. If we start early we can inspire children to research any question that pops into their heads! I know that I, personally, grew up with a bored and frightened attitude towards research and I wish I were more fond of it as an adult now.

Questing My Dream

Alright, let’s attempt this “friends forever” thing.  BFFs, anyone?

Jamie’s topic really intrigues me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a curious and morbid student of forensics, maybe it’s because I’m biased towards Jamie and think the sun shines out of her bum. (I know this is for a class but I’ve got to have fun with this, right?)

I’m not sure if our topics would have trouble joining forces; I think I would have to explore her topic a bit on my own first.  But it sounds like we are both interested in the general topic of a sort of alternative search engine that takes us to the bottom of the deep dark internet.  That could be fun.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but perhaps Mirna and I could find some common ground.  She is studying social media’s role in social and political movements, which is a very intriguing topic.  While Wikipedia isn’t a social media, it is a platform for this sort of information that is created by the same public that may be on these sites.

It looks like some people still need to get their posts up so I will come back later, hopefully with more possible cohorts.  Otherwise, it looks like everyone’s topics are either too broad or way too specific to easily squeeze mine in with their topic.  Ah well.

The Depths of the Internet Part Two!

Looking back at my first post on this topic, where I lurk on the internet, it won’t be super easy to complete this properly.  I am supposed to explain to you all WHY I lurk where I lurk.  But I don’t think I do anything interesting enough on the internet to provoke an interesting explanation.  Like I said before, all I do is watch TV, a couple vlogs or sites, and occasionally stumble.   But I will do my best to consider these in a semi-interesting fashion.

Why do I watch so much TV on the internet?
Well one because I don’t watch it on the actual television.  No one likes commercials and it’s too inconvenient to be on the right channel at the right time.  But I guess the proper question is why do I watch so much TV? I’ve always been a bit of an addict. I just love stories so books and TV are my escape. The events in a story are so much more engaging than real life and I love the connection to characters.  Furthermore, it’s a great way to bond between friends.  Back when HIMYM was on the air it was a regular activity to discuss the events of the episode.  My sister and I still have a weekly conversation based entirely on Orphan Black.  It’s just a pleasant way to spend my downtime.

What Vlogs and Sites and Why?
I mentioned Hannah Hart, who is internet-famous for her drunken kitchen shenanigans, on my last Depth post.  Frankly I just find her charming and enjoyable to watch.  She is a person I would love to be friends with and devoting 8 minutes of my life to her show once a week is hardly a commitment for me.  Otherwise I spend a bit of downtime on Tickld, which is basically just another funny internet compilation site, but it’s MY funny internet compilation site.  It’s nice because it is both entertaining and a good community.  Once you’re there long enough you begin to notice long-running inside jokes and it’s nice to have that.

How Does One Stumble on the Interwebs?
Stumbleupon, my dear! The underdog of the media sites! I think most people use pinterest(?) these days? I don’t really know what it is but when I say I like stumbleupon people always ask me “Why don’t you just use pinterest?!” But I love stumbleupon because it takes me to my interests and only my interests.  I can skip through or intensely peruse as much as I wish, and it only gets smarter as I go! I’ve found countless recipes and sewing patterns through my stumbling.

The Depths of the Internet

I always thought I was a fairly capable user of the internet until I started this class.  Then I realized I don’t understand what “hashtags” are or how they work. I didn’t have the first clue about how to make a blog, connect different sites, or why I would want to do any of this.  So what exactly do I DO on the internet?   Honestly, I think I primarily use it to watch TV. Is that sad? That seems a little sad.  But it’s true.  Otherwise, I use it to occasionally catch up on some webcomics or vloggers (I am terrible at staying current with these, I guess I just don’t have enough interest to come back every day) for instance, Hannah Hart in MyDrunkKitchen, Grace Helbig, and Dinocomics. But that is definitely not my regular use.  Regular use is basically Facebook, email, TV, and Tickld (just another internet site of funny compilations).    Just for this class I have added about 5 new bookmarks including Twitter and this blog. So I guess I am already expanding!  The one thing that I think will help me explore the internet’s greater depths is Stumbleupon, which is a great way to find new articles and blogs focused on my interests. Hopefully it will help me find some inspiration for this blog!