LOTR: Gimli and the Gang

Not sure exactly what this is supposed to look like in the end except for an “aerial shot”…but by my axe goddammit I’ll get it done!

I think I can group my sources into three overarching categories. Or I’m gonna try to.

1. Those that discuss learning and knowledge, the flaws in systems today, and methods on fixing it.

This includes Alan Kay’s Powerful Ideas Need Love Too! in which he laments over Harvard graduates who couldn’t apply knowledge that they clearly had stored in their brains to answer a (somewhat) simple question. Along with Does Technology Hinder or Enhance Learning and Teaching? which attempts to answer that very question! And Doing Internet Research: Critical Issues and Methods for Examining the Net which discusses a University of Tulsa based class that tries to get students to analyze the “why” of research.  All of these sources take a critical look at knowledge and how to get more of it.

2. An analysis of learners, how they learn, and why they learn.

This group only includes two sources. The Role of Interest in Learning and Development, which attempts to define interest and how it impacts one’s ability and desire to learn. I’ve paired this with The Motivation of Academically Gifted Students which is also a study of learning through interest and motivation. Together I think they work to analyze what needs to be targeted in order to better understand how a child learns and why.

3. Technology’s role in learning and knowledge

This group includes my three dreamers and their discussions on technology, where it is going, and what it will lead to.  Frankly, I’ve written so many nuggets and linked to them so many times so I’ll be brief now.  They all relate less to my specific topic but are all great examples of those who are inspired by what they are interested by and continue to explore that interest. Which is exactly what excites me so I will use them as role models.