The Future All Over Again

I think my nugget and my visions of the future are related in the way technology organically evolves over time to meet the needs of the people. The entire concept of the Dynabook in the 70s was conceptualized to meet a certain set of needs, and I think the original concept has been evolved (iPad, tablets, etc) to meet the demand of today’s society. Similarly, I think Wikipedia currently meets the demands it wishes to serve for the public and will continue to do so.  The site will only change as much as society’s demands do.  Since, I hope, the desire for knowledge will only increase, I hope that Wikipedia expands. However I find it likely that it will generally remain the same.


Somehow Jamie and her Blog seem to take both a very realistic and sensible approach to this question, like I think mine is, and the most fantastically absurd approach, like I wish mine was.  Honestly, this girl’s mind is fabulously crazy and I love it. I had considered making up a whole story, maybe Wikipedia took over the world somehow, maybe it destroyed humanity. Who knows, but that story would take up waaay too much effort for this class.. Back to the serious though, I think Jamie took a very logical attitude towards her topic and determined the two extreme scenarios of Tor’s future.


Morganneperez also took more than one approach.  First, looking at the big picture — how will other forms of technology that change affect Pandora? Second, some crazy guesses about holographic images. Third, a realistic and simplistic idea of changing the interface, location of buttons. And finally, the fascinating idea which I LOVE of adding audiobooks, short stories, etc to Pandora.  Internet gods, if you’re reading this, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Lastly, LinaIbrahim seems to have a very grandiose vision of where Complex Magazine is going. In fact, she seems to have this so well planned and laid out that they should really hire her to do their internal management! Nothing mentioned seems like it would take 10 years to implement, just the right person.


Future Thoughts

So I know for certain that my digital text will be an example of “Wikipedia Wars”, meaning it will definitely be multiple pages of Wikipedia entries. However I’m not sure if I should make the entries meaningful to this class or purely random to demonstrate the intricacies of the game.  I’m leaning towards the second but then I have to find two exquisitely random pages to start and end with. Suggestions?

In ten years.. Assuming we are sticking purely to the interface of Wikipedia and ignoring all the possibilities of holographic images and whatnot…I’d like to think some other senses can be incorporated.  3D interactive images to better display diagrams, animals, medical procedures, etc. I think that the spirit of Wikipedia will still be the same, free information for all, by all.  That is also its major limitation.  Free, meaning it relies strictly on donations, and by all, meaning it is still an unreliable and constantly changing source of information.  Being so dynamic, it is a wonderful tool to bring into the future 10 years from now, because all the old information will remain and only gather and grow with time. Because it serves such a universal purpose though I don’t imagine it changing too monstrously or else it would cease to serve its purpose and become something else entirely.


I think I want to use my digital text more as an example of the bigger picture of my inquiry project, rather than the main portion of it.  The reason for this is that it seems throughout my research and thought process my main interest has been less of the “HEY Wikipedia is a great site for free knowledge and collaboration!” and more of “HEY Wikipedia is a great example of the endless connections that can be made and because it’s endless it has something for everyone to find interesting!” So I don’t know if I’d qualify this as a “policy change” or anything, but I would at least like to introduce some ideas that may slightly alter people’s way of thinking about education, learning, and knowledge.  I am considering trying to introduce a bit of a policy change in that I would suggest a classroom experience that I think would be useful to students.  Other than that I would really just like to speak passionately about questing for knowledge and discuss how to get children interested and excited in this quest.