Diigo Dynamics

Depending on the route I take with my topic, some of these sources may be more useful than others. I’m finding more articles that support the “students & internet education” topic more than the “Wikipedia = expansion of knowledge” topic, which is to be expected.  However, the former topic is much less interesting so I will try to stay away from it.  But for the purpose of this specific assignment I may have to learn towards it.

Source 1: Student Motivation and Engagement in Online Courses

I would consider tags such as “student engagement” and “online education” for this post and the topic that would come from it.

Source 2: Are We Losing Our Ability to Think Critically?

I actually liked this question a lot, even though it sort of goes against my own topic, so I saved it to my own Diigo using the tags “criticalthinking” and “technologyineducation”